The trial ist complete!

The dynamic best-before date was tested for the first time ever in METRO stores: IS FRESHNESS ENTERING A NEW ERA?

For 6 weeks during the hot summer months, from August 5th until September 11th, the FreshIndex system and its real-time dynamic best-before date (DHD) were tested with customers under real conditions. The trial took place in the METRO stores of Korntal, Sankt Augustin, Düsseldorf and Berlin-Friedrichshain.

During this time:

5000 pallets were tracked by temperature sensors from the producer VION via the Metro central logistic hub to the sales shelf.
1 Million temperature measurements were recorded.
142 customers were interviewed.



THE FRESHINDEX: a valuable service?

We’ve received mostly positive feedback on the FreshIndex and got new ideas for further development of the dynamic best-before date.

Almost all the customers interviewed saw the DHD as a valuable service. In particular the possibility to adjust the individual temperature settings and to see how these directly influence the product shelf-life surprised many of them. Maybe more than 1 customer will now use cooling bags for shopping 😉

Visit of Ursula Schulte (Mitglied des deutschen Bundestags, SPD) in the METRO Store Berlin-Friedrichshain:
Sarah Föll (Metro), Stephanie Awe (Metro), Ursula Schulte, Matthias Brunner (tsenso)

First results​​

Around 80% of the interviewed customers said that they do not trust product labeling in general, but of all info on the product packaging the best-before date is the most trusted. People trust that the product does not spoil before that date.
Approximately 3/4 said that after the best-before date has passed, they at least have a look at the product and check whether it still may be good. Some admitted that they immediately throw away products when the best-before date ist exeeded.
Only a small fraction of customers actually uses cooling bags for the transport home. While most customers admit that they are aware of the importance of cooling, almost all of them were surprised when seeing the large reduction in shelf-life that a few hours of wrong storage can do.
The FreshIndex would be of great support in thte assessment of freshness and remaining shelf-life and to increase the product security. Customers see a high trust in the FreshIndex after it has been prooved by tests and experiences.
Remaining shelf-life as well as information on the origin of the food, farming method, feeding and the involved companies are a key interest to customers.
Customers appreciate very much the engagement in the topic food waste which leeds to an image benefit for retailers and wholesalers.

Validations are still ongoing and the results will be part of our next newsletter. Stay tuned for the final results!

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