Detailed, gapless and real-time information on product conditions

Individually down to a specifiable product unit or batch

by reliable and exact quantitative data of the products – at any stage and time of the supply chain, from production, to retail, to the consumers fridge:

True freshness – shelf-life – saftey – quality.

FreshIndex - a hardware supported SaaS solution built on 4 pillars.

Product transparency based on product and supply chain data.

Data collection, aggregation & analytics

IoT Hardware for supply chains

Digital Twin on pallet & unit level

Integration of the end consumer via APP

New level of food analytics

Automated quality assurance & dynamic risk assessment

FreshIndex is the basis for numerous optimizations along the supply chain in order to reduce food waste, avoid safety risks and make businesses sustainable.

FreshIndex changes state-of-the-art quality concepts from monitoring of input parameters – such as temperature and hygiene – to a dynamic risk assessment at the point of consumption.

Find out how FreshIndex can assist you!

Interested in knowing the true shelf-life and safety of your food?

FreshIndex by tsenso.

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FreshIndex by tsenso.
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