01/23_ fred got selected for funding:

Edge data management – data science technologies for edge cloud scenarios and their sustainable application in edge data spaces

The aim of the FRED project is to increase the sustainability of the food supply and specifically to minimise losses of fresh food along the food supply chain. To this end, technical, organisational and competition-promoting measures are being researched and implemented as examples. On a technical level, the basis for the combination of innovative measurement technology, a trustworthy and audit-proof cloud edge infrastructure, predictions based on digital twins and a data room for fresh food data based on Gaia-X is being laid. The information basis of this technical infrastructure is used to optimise processes and usage decisions for the individual players in the food supply chain right through to the consumer. In order to strengthen fair competition in the complex supply chains and networks, we are creating an open data space for the new fresh produce data collected as part of FRED, which will enable various participants to share their data freely and confidently and use it to leverage further innovation and optimisation potential.

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