Discovering the benefits of digital food information

On Tuesday, 25th September 2018, the FreshIndex consortium organized its first Design Thinking Workshop focusing on the benefits of digital food information in Cologne, Germany. The initial list of invited guests covered persons along the whole food value chain reaching from production and retail until packaging, marketing as well as end consumers. And indeed, we managed to bring together an interdisciplinary selection of creative minds from areas such as design, marketing, retail and IT-Management.

Problems, Ideas and Prototypes

After a brief introduction to the overall topic and the FreshIndex project, the morning was dedicated to the status quo. Participants focused on the requirements, wishes, challenges and contexts of so-called “personas” that had been created on the basis of interviews with potential FreshIndex users prior to the workshop. Starting there, additional information and needs were collected and added in order to have a clearer view of what was really needed out there.

The afternoon then was dedicated to the more creative part of the workshop: Brainstorming, prototyping and the generation of innovative solutions and scenarios for the use of the FreshIndex.

What’s next?

Finally, the workshop results, open issues and critical aspects of a future FreshIndex were discussed with the participants. In a next step, the FreshIndex consortium will use the documented results for the development of a first prototype.

Special Thanks go to our hosts and partners from GS1 Germany who provided us with the best possible location for the development of creative solutions:

The GS1 Germany Knowledge Center! Curious? Take the tour here!

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